Mexico has over a dozen destinations specialized in medical tourism, where tourism service providers and the highest quality of medical attention get together to attend oncology, orthopedic, cardiology, general surgery, plastic surgery, and gastroenterology specialties.

The Joint Commission International recently accredited 7 hospitals in our country. Likewise, the Secretary for Federal Health has certified 105 hospitals, 98 of which are homologized with international standards.

Medical tourism in Mexico is attended by highly certified doctors and nursed to prove world quality attention and service through a wide hospital infrastructure with state-of-the-art medical technology.

Medical check-ups, preventive treatment, specialized surgery and the recovery process of our tourists are promoted and monitored at all times with the warmth and professionalism by our specialized tourism operators, making the stay in our country pleasant and safe. To finalize the process in optimal conditions, we have the best conditions for full recovery: varied climates by regions, from warm to tempered, with healthy and regulated environments, and hotels and touristic destinations that are internationally renowned due to their diversity and attraction.