Ana Amelia Flores

An excellent idea!

It’s difficult to make the decision to undergo surgery, but thanks to Dr. Omaar Flores ad his attention at my first consultation, I knew it was an excellent idea. I got an eyelid lifting.

Luisa Gutiérrez

A more sculptural body.

Liposuction is not just for people who are very overweight, medium sizes can also get it done and have a more sculptural body.

Patricia Rubalcaba

I look 10 years younger.

Easy: with Botox I easily look 10 years younger. I am 40 and it’s like going back to my 30s.

Cecilia Arámbula

My confidence in myself increased.

My breasts were pretty small in comparison to my body, and now I know I look much more stylized and proportionate.

René Martínez

And why not?

We men also get surgery. For example, I got rhinoplasty and am extremely pleased with the results.