10 May, 2017
10 May, 2017


Blepharoplasty is a facial rejuvenation surgery with highly satisfactory results that will give our gaze a younger and fresher appearance.

With the passing of time, the eyelid’s general appearance grows different. The upper eyelid, due to excess skin and eyebrow sagging, make the youthful and spontaneous opening of our eyes deteriorate and change, increasing the appearance of age into something constant, falling on our eyes.

The techniques used for extracting excess pockets of fat are inside the eyelid, or in some patients, in the upper part of the skin, adjusting it. This is why this surgery must be designed for each individual patient, depending on the needs of each case.
1 ½ hours approximately.

Only sedation and local anesthesia.

Need for hospitalization
Hospitalization is not required; the patient remains a couple of hour under observation at the clinic, and then goes home.
Potential risks: infection, bleeding at the incision or subcutaneously, pulmonary embolism (due to blood clots reaching the lungs), pathological scarring (keloid), scarring delay or widening. Another potential risk can be the need for a secondary revision surgery.

The stitches are removed on the fifth day and are generally inconspicuous stitches that go under the skin. Violaceous inflammation points may form (bruising) that generally improves in 3 to 5 days. It’s recommended that the patient wear sunglasses from the moment they go home.



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