9 May, 2017
9 May, 2017


Most patients with prominent or different sized ears, usually suffer psychological micro aggressions inflicted by the humans with which they interact, and with the passing of time their own appreciation can change and make them feel uncomfortable; to the point that patients can suffer from it and see it as a deformation.

When dealing with minors, and in when our patients have the option and decide so with their parents’ support, timely intervention is recommended to perform this surgery and fix the problem; in most cases motivated by their parents and previous assessment done by the surgeon, provided the patient is appropriately mature in growth and cartilage development.

Otoplasty consists in giving the proper shape to the auricle when they are flat, or have excess concha that makes them prominent. It’s worth mentioning that it’s not just a surgery for removing; the human ear is unique, and the natural folds should be reconstructed as much as possible to achieve a harmonious and natural ear.
2 ½ hours approximately (depending on each individual case).

Local anesthesia, with deep sedation. For complex reconstructions, general anesthesia.

Need for hospitalization
Not required, the patient goes home after 4 hours of clinical observation.
The stitches are internal, and external ones are removed in 7 to 10 days.



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