10 May, 2017
10 May, 2017


Currently, we use anatomical almond shaped implants of the highest quality and design, with a micro textured outer layer and high cohesivity gel that makes them have practically the same texture as a firm buttock. In its design, the highest point starts gently until reaching the appropriate height in the middle part of the glutes. Finally, a natural appearance!

A big part of this is achieved by placing them in the ideal plane, creating a space under the gluteus maximus and over the middle gluteus. In this way we only lift and elevate the projection of our own anatomical structures, creating an ideal pocket that provides a lifting of our own tissues. Projecting the glutes in an athletic manner, leaving behind that unnatural round and exaggerated form with excess volume that we are used to seeing in many patients with glute implants.

Liposuction in some areas can give us an even more effective contour to achieve the remodeling that the projected glutes are after; firm and aesthetic, by shaving the adipose tissue from bottom to top, finally creating with this type of implant a Shape System with greater suspension, projection and remodeling of the gluteal region.

Shape System advantages:
  • A natural appearance.
  • We obtain a projected gluteus by only elevating our own anatomical structures in our glutes.
  • The implant doesn’t move.
  • They feel the same as your own body's tissues
  • Liposculpting the glutes’ contour gradually from bottom to top, helps us achieve more athletic results, imporving projection and form. In many cases, lipo laser will be necessary to improve retraction.
  • The incision is only 6 to 7 cm long in the ending of both glutes, making it inconspicuous.
  • The lipo laser system contributes to achieving this effect by retracting the tissues and improving flaccidity in contours.
3 ½ hours approximately.

Blockade and sedation.

Need for hospitalization
1 day of hospitalization.
Special indications
In all cases, very soft and comfortable silicon drainage is left in for a few days.
7 days approximately. The patient sleeps on their side since day two or three, and can go to the bathroom sitting down since day one.



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