10 May, 2017
10 May, 2017


The increase on Breast Cancer cases in recent years has led us to the practice and perfecting on breast reconstruction techniques.

The most important thing at first is to assess the current state of the patient and determine, in direct communication with their Oncology Doctor, the prognosis and treatment they’ll have in the medium term. Once negative malignity results are in, reconstruction starts in different ways.

Locating viable structures and being able to use the patient’s own tissues for sequel reconstruction by extraction after the cancer.

Autologous Reconstruction
This is when, with our own tissues, parts of the skin and muscles are used to reconstruct the affected breast. (Called Fasciocutaneos flaps), frequently, an area of the lower abdomen, the skin segment we usually remove in Abdominoplasty, is used to reconstruct the breast, though in many occasions, it’s not possible.

Implant Reconstruction
There are implants designed for breast reconstruction, depending on the structures that need repairing.

In some cases, where we just remove cysts, we can reconstruct immediately, in the same surgery in which the Oncology Surgeon removes the cysts or tumors. This is known as immediate reconstruction with mammary implants.

Currently, there are many alternatives to give volume and shape to the area where the breast was removed.

From the fat injection from our own body, placement of half gel, half saline solution implants to gradually expand the breast, as well as the BRAVA system to start modeling by gradual, continuous and specialized suction to improve the skin before volume placement. The Nipple-Areola Complex reconstruction is always the last part, and is done individually on each patient.

Finally, we adjust the other breast so both of them will have a similar shape and the bust is harmonious.

Most of the time, these surgeries are covered by National and International insurance. Come to us so we can bring you an opportunity via insurance financing; you don’t have to be a network doctor.
Just sign the acceptance form of the insurance company’s tabulation and in that way you don’t pay coinsurance and we can take on your case in the hospital’s installations with the best team that’s right for your insurance type.

Breast cancer is an enemy to be beat; as a Plastic Surgeon it’s our duty to perfect solutions and advances day by day to unite in this fight. We want to offer and have an opportunity for you.
Regards, Dr. Omaar Flores.
3 to 5 hours, depending on the surgery.

A spinal blockade and deep sedation. In some cases, general anesthesia.

Need for hospitalization
Generally 1 day.
Stitches are removed in 7 to 10 days. A special bra is used for 2 to 3 weeks. Wire can’t be used in 1 month and a half.



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