10 May, 2017
10 May, 2017


We are referring to readjustments of the body that must be done after massive weight loss. This can be for patients that only did so with diet, or after Gastric Bypass Surgery, or any procedure done by a Bariatric Surgeon that led to weight loss, leaving residual flaccidity of skin.

These readjustments will lead the patient to a lighter life, removing a readjusting their skin tissues so they can have and live a new look in the new silhouette they’ve acquired, so they can stop wearing girdles all the time.

The areas to be treated depend on each patient’s needs and appropriate surgical planning by the surgeon. Most times, we do the surgery in parts. There are worldwide protocols on the best way to do this, leading the patient on the safest route.

Doctor – Patient planning is the most important. Prior to this, there must be an evaluation and analysis of the patient’s health and nutrition: pre-surgical valuation by a cardiologist, clinical nutritionist, and, in some cases, Psychological Therapy support. Doing these surgeries requires a complete professional evaluation team, as well as hospital installations that provide the best care needed.

The surgeries that are normally done are:
  • Arm lifting and readjustment
  • Breast and pectoral lifting and readjustment
  • Back and abdomen lifting. Circular Abdominoplasty.
  • Leg lifting and resection
  • Face and neck lifting

All of this is done in various stages. The surgeon determines, depending on the patient’s age, health, and the length of tissue to be treated, if 2 or 3 procedures can be done at the same time.
Surgery Type
Depends on the area to be treated.

Need for hospitalization
1 to 2 days.

Special Indications:
In some cases, previous auto transfusion by the patient is recommended, to have available blood in case the patient needs it. We always leave in special silicone drainage after large tissue resections.
7 to 10 days. Depends on each surgery. Afterwards, the patients use a girdle for 6 to 8 weeks.



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