10 May, 2017
9 May, 2017


In this surgery, we do a conventional liposuction, extract the fat and then apply the same liposuction technique with a laser cannula (laser lipolysis), giving a new silhouette and obtaining a secondary retraction of the skin, this avoiding flaccidity in the tissues.

All lasers, as they are sources of energy, produce heat, and heat causes secondary retraction of all tissues and more tension in those that are flaccid. And it’s very important to note we do extract the fat.

In cases where we just wish to define the musculature or in thin patients that just have small localized fat deposits, generally in the abdomen and sides of the back, is where we can just apply laser lipolysis, without extracting fat.

If we need to use the fat for lipo injections (also called “liposculpture”), we use the laser after extracting the fat to avoid burning it and maintaining its properties, so it can be placed in another part of the body, where we want more volume.

Advantages of laser lipolysis:
  • Fewer irregularities.
  • Correct irregularities from previous liposuctions with greater success.
  • Bleeding risks are reduced.
  • Recovery time is 50% shorter than with conventional liposuction.
  • Secondary retraction of skin flaccidity by laser action.

Areas where it’s used:
  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Upper and lower back
  • Abdomen
  • Legs
Depends on the area being treated.

Blockade and sedation.

Need for hospitalization
1 day of hospitalization when used in more than 2 areas.
Different girdles are used for a month and a half. First a firmer rehabilitation girdle for 3 to 4 weeks, and later a light girdle (like mesh) for another 2 weeks. A few sessions of ultrasound are recommended to reduce inflammation.



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