10 May, 2017
9 May, 2017


Twenty years ago, breast augmentation patients had to replace their implants every 10 to 20 years. Today it is important to evaluate their current status and determine if the replacement is required to avoid complications.

Breast implant revision surgery, also known as breast implant replacement, which commonly involves removal and/or replacement of saline or silicone breast implants, is performed to change the size or type of your implants and to correct any complications from your primary breast augmentation. The overall goal is to restore a youthful breast contour and appearance..

We use Silicone Gel Implants with the most advanced technology with all warranties and approved for placement in Mexico and United States by the FDA.

We have different types of implants, including soft touch technology, which are smoother to the touch and with a better projection compared to other implants.

The way to place the implants (incision) can be: through the areola above or below the pectoralis major muscle, or through the armpit.

The exact procedure your surgeon will use for breast implant removal and replacement varies depending on the reason for your breast revision.
2 Hours approximately.

Blockade and sedation.

Need for hospitalization
Generally not required: the patient goes home after a few hours of rest and observation.
Stitches are removed after the tenth day. A special bra is used for 2 to 3 weeks after surgery.

How long do the implants last?
The best quality implants on the market have a lifetime guarantee. This is what the manufacturers recommend, that the implants not be changed; we personally recommend, due to changes that can happen in our bodies overtime, a study after 10 years to analyze their characteristics, and evaluate if it's advisable to change them.

Can implants cause breast cancer?
No! There has been no proven study of patients with breast implants developing breast cancer. There are even studies that demonstrate that some breast cysts even reduce in size after placing the implants.



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